Beauty Tips for Brides

 Do you have questions and looking for beauty tips?  Look no further! Get bridal hair and beauty tips from an awarding winning hair stylist! These beauty tips are updated every few months with real questions from real brides!


Question and Answers

I am looking for a makeup artist, do you have any suggestions?

Absolutely! I have a hand full of amazing artist I work very closely with who I would love to refer  you to!


I see so many pictures on Pinterest.. how do I pick the best options?

Great question! The best way to find the perfect options for you are to find pictures that have the same hair color  and  similar texture as you do. Believe it or not, the color and dimension of hair can completely change how an updo looks. If you have brown hair focus on finding updos with brown hair so you can get an accurate idea of how it will look on you.


My hair doesn’t hold curl very well but, I want to wear it down on my wedding day. Can you make that happen?

I always say you know your hair wayyy better than I do! If you hair doesn’t hold curl- I would highly suggest wearing an updo. An updo will ensure that your hair stays all day and all night {even through your sweet dance moves!}. If you absolutely would like to wear it down the best option would be for you to invest in hair extensions.  Human hair extensions will help blend with your natural hair and will create an atmosphere that makes your hair  hold a lot better! Not to mention, it will add so much fullness and length. Here is the place I ordered mine from.


I have fine hair but, want really thick hair. How can I achieve that?

Extensions, extensions, extensions! At this site you will see they actually offer 3 different thickness levels. I ordered my hair from them and have had my hair for over 2 years {I don’t wear mine tons and take good care of them}!


Can you come on-location the day of my wedding to get me and my bridal party ready?

Absolutely! I am here to accommodate you on YOUR day! I will arrive at your location 15 minutes before my first appointment to set up and it will be a day full of memories, laughter, bobby pins, and hairspray!


What should I do to my hair before my trial run?

The best way to have your hair ‘prepped’ for your trial run and wedding day is to arrive with it 100% dry and slightly dirty. I always like to tell my brides that it is best for them to blow dry their hair {nicely} a day before their appointment. The foundation of any good hairstyle starts with the way you dry your hair. If you hair is frizzy and slept on wet- it will be hard to achieve the perfect do.
Should I have clean hair or not?

The truth is if your hair is ‘dirty’ for a day or two prior to your appointment that is totally fine! Believe it or not it is actually easier for a hairstylist to do an updo or curl your hair when it has some ‘grit’ to it.



1. Water, Water, Water and more Water…. The best beauty tips for brides for a natural glowing face, clear translucent skin, less dark circles on the day of your wedding and will actually help with looking good in your wedding photos… Water, Water and more Water!  Especially the day before your wedding.


2. Begin practicing posing in front of a camera before your wedding. Most of us get a little camera shy in a normal setting and this is the same for your wedding day. To feel more confident in front of the camera start learning what angles and positions you are most comfortable with. The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you will become!

3.   Wax brows  a week before the wedding.  If you plan on waxing your brows for your wedding, do it early.  I have seen Brides come to me with raw skin around their brow area from a recent waxing, even from someone they regularly go to.  Sometimes mistakes happen… just plan that it might.


4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. With all the little details and planning the week before the wedding it is easy to forget to get replenish our skin after washing off our daily makeup. Moisturizing will help your skin look softer, smoother, and will help your makeup stay on longer.


5. I can not rave enough about clip in extensions for your big day! While flipping through Pinterst we see countless pictures of girls that have long, flowing, beautiful, thick curls and instantly want to have it. What many people do not know is 80% of these styles actually have extensions in them! This is a well kept secret in our industry.  Clip in, human hair extensions, are roughly around $100.00 and are absolutely worth the invest, plus you can use them for years to come!